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Leone Interior Designs Bathroom Renovati

About Leone Interior Designs

Leone Interior Designs creates original, cohesive interior designs and furnishings that embody individuality, style and warmth.

As an interior design studio in south Florida and a upholstery house to the trade, Leone Interior Designs delivers exceptional design that transforms a house into a home. Kathy Leone serves as Head of Design.  Kathy gained her passion for design and custom fabrication from her past and her parents influence. 


Kathy, influenced by the bounty of colorful fabrics and textiles her Colombian mother had scattered about her childhood home, learned the art of fabrication from a very young age. Kathy's dad owned a elevator manufacturing company and therefore she saw first hand processes and project management. If Kathy’s walls could talk, they would sing. Draped in beautiful fabrics and trimmed with intricate and colorful textures, Kathy designs with every detail in mind.


Together, Kathy along with her husband Sal have restored and reimagined numerous residential spaces – including renovating their first home, a 1928 Georgian Colonial home in Westchester, NY. Kathy now runs a successful interior design studio and  upholstery house out of Boca Raton, Florida.


With client satisfaction as their north star, Kathy skillfully designs and transforms residential spaces to reflect their client’s individual style. When Kathy is not designing, managing a renovation or fabricating custom furniture, Kathy and her husband Sal are at home with their three young kids. Having twins and a toddler has given them a new perspective as a designer, “We now understand the importance of durability and stain-free fabrics,” laughs Kathy.

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