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I’m talking about your bare windows! There is nothing sadder then bare windows.

Dressing your window is usually pretty overwhelming to clients. Let me let you in on a little secret. It’s very important. People are just starting to talk about the 5th wall, the ceiling, but I still think we need to address the 4 walls. I’ve been in enough homes to tell you that there are too many bare windows.

I want the world to know drapes, curtains, decorative panels, Roman shades, solar rollers they are important. The obvious is they help give us privacy or even semi privacy. But window treatments are so much more! They serve to protect your furniture, floors and paint from sun damage. Window treatments also can reduce energy loss through the windows, lower heating and cooling bills. Not to mention how much they help to tie in colors and textures in a room. They bring more layers and dimension to the design of any room. Frankly, they just make a room better!

Window treatments don’t have to be plain. Explore colors, textures, details. A huge trend right now is trim. We can put tape, tassels, fringe, studs on window treatments now a days. You can use them to tie in any accent or make them the big statement piece.

Call me! Happy to help you look at your windows differently. Love your windows more when they’re dressed to impress!


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