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Tapes, trims, details....yes! To all of it!

Last year while at Highpoint I remember walking into the Theodore Alexander showroom and seeing all these beautiful chairs with such exquisite detail. They were stunning. One in particular a deep moody purple with 2 pink and white strips of trim on it. I was drawn to it. I literally took a picture and walked past 2 rooms and turned back around to get another shot of the chair. The chair hadn't moved per say, but it had moved me.

I see a lot tape being used in drapery. Either the drapes are busy and we use a solid tape for the edge or its a solid color drape and that's where we add the character. I have also used it in a banding application to break up the top and bottom material. There are so many incredible tapes out there. Sequins, embroidery, tassels, greek key, capiz....give me all the trim! It is such an incredible detail that really personalizes your drapes. You can literally make a simple white drape into anything but simple.

Another fun thing to note about trims and tapes. They play nicely together! See one you love but think it needs a little more oomph well put 2 more on either side. Love it so much put it on a pillow 3 times. Don't just put them side to side or across. They can lay in zig zags, overlaid on top of one another. Trims and tapes are enhancers. Have fun with them!


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