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My Go-To White Paints

Let’s face it gray walls and all these cool, icy homes are out. Warm welcoming is in! We’ve lived in our homes, we’ve REALLY lived in our homes for months now. Nobody wants the cold shoulder from their own house. We want warm, cozy and inviting.

Surprisingly, white walls do that. I know, I know “what is she talking about?”. White walls are the perfect backdrop to all things color. Trust me, I love color and all that it can do for your mood, mind and overall well being. That being said, white paint is the perfect backdrop.

My go to is Sherwin Williams Alabaster - SW 7008. Its warm, taupe undertones have enough contrast to crisp extra white trim for it to stand on its own and have its presence felt in an understated way. It lets the other colors in the room work their magic. Its light reflection is an 82, which means it will reflect back a lot of light into any room. This makes it the perfect choice for an entrance, den or bedroom. Alabaster just works! It pairs well with blues, oranges, greens, browns. It doesn’t take away from the furniture in the space - it just enhances it and allows it to shine.

When I’m asked for a gray or for a more contemporary/modern vibe I immediately think of Sherwin Williams Snowbound - SW 7004. It’s a crisp, cool white color. Often times, at first glance, people think it's warm. But Snowbound definitely leans cooler when you look closely. It has a light reflection of 83, which again means that the room will have a lot of light. It’s a great solutions for design situations where you are drawn toward using grays, but want your space to be brighter and lighter.

No matter which of these white colors you choose as the primary wall color, I would recommend you add another color. Layer that color in. I tend to work with 1 main backdrop (the Alabaster or Snowbound), 2 secondary colors, and then I always look for tertiary colors.

Use your tertiary colors as accents! They'll often be found in your throw pillows, your art and accessories, or your shelfie style.

All this to say, if your walls could speak they would say "it's time for a refresh!"

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