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New Year's Resolutions For Your Home

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Happy holidays from Leone Interior Designs! I hope this week is filled with warm hugs, happy memories, and lots of laughter. But, you probably don’t need help enjoying the holiday with your loved ones. That part comes easy.

What you might need help with is navigating the post-holiday blues and all of the cleaning and organizing that comes at the start of the new year.

Don’t get discouraged! While it may seem like a bummer to put away all of the holiday decorations, I challenge you to see this time as an opportunity.

Set some new year’s resolutions for yourself and your home, so that you start the year inspired to tackle the year ahead - rather than blue over the end of the holiday season.

Here are 3 new year’s resolutions to strive for in your home:

1. Get Creative

When you’re putting away this year’s holiday decor, open your eyes and look at your space in a new light!

Don’t just put that vase or candle in the same old spot. Instead, look for opportunities to refresh your home design with just a few simple changes.

For example:

  • Refresh your photos - Do you have new pictures that are frame-worthy?

  • New art - Did you get anything over the holidays that can be put on display?

  • Furnishing shuffle - Will the accent chair that used to be in the living room look better in the guest bedroom? What will you replace it with in the original location?

Think of this like shopping through your own things. It’s a great time to switch rooms completely, and create a new look for the new year.

2. Eliminate Clutter

If you’re like me, you’ve made this resolution before. But every new year is a new opportunity to de-clutter, pair down your belongings, and regain some order in your home.

Remember, even though you have so many gorgeous things, they don’t all need to be on display all the time. Put some things away for the rest of the winter, so that you’ll be excited to bring them out come Spring.

Ditch duplicates. How many guest towels do you really need? Get rid of the oldest set - I dare you! Chances are you’ll never miss them. And, imagine how much simpler your life would be if everything actually fit in the closet. Here’s an idea - I bet a local animal shelter could use them. So the best part is you’re doing something good in the process!

Start the new year off with a light refresh of your storage spaces and surfaces. It’s easier than you might think!

3. Make Replacements

As you’re putting away holiday decor and replacing it with your year-round staples, make it a point to look for wear and tear. Is your favorite throw blanket pilling? Did you chip the paint on the coffee table during your holiday parties?

Don’t start the new year with last year’s problems still hanging around!

Replace what’s old, damaged, or out of date in your home. Still love that coffee table? Let’s refresh it! We can help you breathe new life into that furniture. That way, you will start out the new year with something stylish to be excited about.

Need help styling your home or completely redesigning a space?


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