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Why custom drapery....why....

So many reasons to need custom drapery. If your ceilings are higher then 1o feet you’ve probably already encountered this issue. If your window is over 72” wide you've already heard the news. If...if...if....and really its YOU NEED IT!

Custom just speaks volumes. Sure pottery barn has curtains, west elm has some too, Wayfair, I could go on. Those are curtains. We're talking about something that fits your house, your taste, made just for you.

Your windows are often like a pair of jeans or a bathing suit. It is not one size fits all. You can like the skinny low rise but maybe a high rise might fit better. Well custom drapery is just that. Your window may not be perfectly symmetrical, custom can resolve that. Your ceiling height is 160" and your doors are only 80", custom. You can't sleep and don't want a plain black out, custom. You want a white drape with a little oomph, add a trim, a band, different pleats - custom.

I have very rarely come into a clients house and thought custom drapery wouldn't improve their space. For all these reasons and more CUSTOM!

Lastly, if you value individuality, uniqueness, and want a wow piece in your home - CUSTOM.


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